Harris residence - Accessory Dwelling Unit


Project Location: Los Angeles, California

Project Description: Accessory dwelling unit/change of use

Duration to Complete: 4 weeks to complete permit documents and permitting with building department.

Project Information:

Project Profile: Converting this existing detached garage, workshop, and game room to an accessory dwelling unit requires a change of use permit. Beginning with a review of City regulations for a detached ADU, the allowable habitable square feet, location of the unit on site, and setback requirements were found to be in compliance, allowing us to focus challenges related to life safety.

Converting a recreation space to living meant a review of the existing garage and the fire rated barrier between it and the rest of the unit. Not surprisingly the the walls separating the garage and the kitchen still had exposed studs and ceiling joists on the garage side. The process to create a rated condition is simplified by removing the few interior walls separating the garage and the unit. Framing new walls from the concrete floor to the underside of the ceiling joists along with the modification of the interior side of the exterior walls covered in stucco, a vertical fire barrier can be achieved. An approved fire rated assemble for the ceiling attached to the underside of the ceiling joists aides in creating a lid for the box that is the garage. The challenging component for this project and many like it, is considering each of the various existing conditions, and how best to mitigate/craft a solution for an existing use.

The duration of the project from introduction to permit approval took roughly 4 weeks. The fee to complete this work included permit ready documents and permitting services.

Software: Project completed in Autodesk Revit 2017